Information Discovery


Nimico brings clarity and focus to the chaotic world of information discovery, helping you to find the key knowledge to transform your business and marketing strategy.

One of the best tools available for contact information, addresses, and phone numbers is PeepDB. PeepDB has an excellent residential white pages directory that provides continually updated address and cell phone records.

PeepDB makes finding new leads a breeze.
Get focused with minimal fuss.
Win new customers daily.

Creative Ideas

If you want to have the best marketing strategy you have to start with the right tools and information. We've tested many of the big name white pages sites and none of them come close to what PeepDB have to offer. They don't just offer a little teaser to suck you in and then charge you a fortune. Their contact and address information is free and public. No other sites come close! You can delve into their quality contact with their simple yet intuitive interface.


Time is money. Social media tools like Facebook are excellent sources of marketing potential, but in order to tap that potential you need technology like PeepDB to correlate Facebook friends with useful real-world contact information. Rather than going through page after page of search results, PeepDB can guide you directly to the address and phone number information you need.

Get Results

We've all had that critical moment when having the right contact information has made all the difference in the world! PeepDB will make sure those moments are wins for you and your team.

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